Company mission

GIP’s vision is to display colorful printing in every corner of our life to everyone’s delight.

Our goal is to achieve General Inkjet Printing, or G.I.P., which means everything is printable.

Deeply aware of the pride in printing in the psyche of the Chinese nation, we have designed our brand logo to reflect a cultural touchand simplicity.

While blending the evolution of “printing” with GIP’s logo, we have also artfully incorporated iconic elements of the printing industry.

As a seed of inspiration, this logo reminds our employees of GIP’s mission to excel in each area of inkjet printing;

In the future, these strengths will unfold amazing landscapes and possibilities for GIP.

We incorporate a sturdy hexagonal shape into our logo; That is why we chose as our website address.

Coincidentally, hexagon – or six – has special implications in traditional Chinese culture: six is an auspicious number with a connotation of infinity.

This is a true reflection of GIP’s conviction: to innovate infinitely in its professional domains, to create infinitely, and to offer infinite services.

As reflected in this connotation of infinity,

GIP offers limitless possibilities for the world with thrilling inkjet solutions.

This is GIP that you see, hear about and feel.

Focusing on printing with refined quality, GIP turns technology into a state-of-art solution in pursuit of making everything printable.