Printing technology is an art

You might not realize, General Inkjet Printing is just about to blossom.

Treating printing only as paper work, belittles not only the printing industry, but General Inkjet Printing.

General Inkjet Printing brings whatever you could imagine.

It provides imagery and electronic products.

It can be edible as well as wearable.

It is close at hand and right beneath your feet.

It offers everything that you see and touch.

It can appear in the same form, Or Certainly like this, in flexible combinations for art expression.

Whatever the carrier, the key to General Inkjet Printing is to create unmatched value for its partners.

General Inkjet Printing tries to consider every detail defining the future of its partners and customizes printing resolutions.

A thorough research on conventional publishing enables, General Inkjet Printing to make on-demand publishing achievable; For all kinds of conventional print no matter how special the form is, General Inkjet Printing can customize it as and when required in a fast response, needing no stock, with a quick delivery. And more importantly at a low cost.

In today’s digitalized, and informationalized world of art. General Inkjet Printing is omnipresent making a big splash. It never stops its steps in exploration and innovation.

General Inkjet Printing has long predicted the potential of customization, and therefore starts from subtleties it familiars, to more various medium and broader coverage,Green printing could thus decorate every corner of our life, But of course except from the air and water.

With an in-depth analysis of eco-friendly materials, General Inkjet Printing develops the UV ink colorful eco-friendly and with low power consumption, It also creates low-power-consumption water-based ink by integrating unique technology through innovation and research. Accordingly art can be expressed in an eco-friendly way and that products in different batches are in the same quality and at a low cost.

Solutions offered by General Inkjet Printing to its partners, could never be so vivid and abundant.

The company’s century-old history of progress, showcases its technology accumulation. This is the key factor of its unmatchable technical solutions.

Supported by its profound history, General Inkjet Printing helps partners fulfill their printing ideals, and be successful wherever they advance by providing them unrivalled and unsurpassed technology.

This is General Inkjet Printing. Based on modern information technology R&D and production capacity and guided by AGFA’s century-old experience and know-how. General Inkjet Printing commits itself to the global market and applications in every field, It applies technology in art creation

for a new era of “grand printing”.