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Asanti Enhancers

Asanti Enhancers boost your Asanti with more output possibilities and increased productivity.
Asanti large-format workflow

Do you use the Asanti to streamline the production process of your wide-format print jobs? Congratulations! That means you have already simplified and improved all the steps needed from taking incoming data through to outputting the final product.

Asanti Enhancers take your productivity one step further. They allow you to meet changing performance requirements and to scale Asanti according to the needs of your digital printing business. Agfa has developed productivity enhancers to increase your production levels, and connectivity enhancers to expand your output possibilities.

Key benefits

  • Added versatility and scalability
  • Increased automation
  • Heightened productivity
  • New job management features
  • More output possibilities


Productivity Enhancers

The productivity enhancers improve your overall profitability. They allow you to add hardware, upgrade your database and enable true shape nesting. Take a look at the technical specifications for a full overview of the productivity enhancers.

Connectivity Enhancers

The connectivity enhancers add TIFF, PDF and non-Agfa printer capabilities to your output possibilities. And they create JDF/JMF links for your management information system – increasing integration and automation even more. Take a look at the technical specifications for a full overview of the connectivity enhancers.

Technical Specs

Productivity Enhancers
Additional render capacity to increase throughput and drive additional devices
  • Additional APPE Render
  • Additional Normalizer
  • Additional Output to Agfa Inkjet engine
  • Satellite license to add additional hardware for higher performance
  • Fail over system
Database Upgrade
  • Upgrade the MSDE database to a full SQL
  • Provides higher performance
Database Connect
  • SQL database for cost accounting
True Shape Nesting
  • Optimized retention and positioning of irregular shapes on available media, based on copy count
Connectivity Enhancers
Non-Agfa Output Link
  • Output to all foreign high-res devices
Barcode Link
  • Job-dependent barcode generation: Integrate post press equipment into your workflow, and add reliability to finishing
  • Supported barcodes: QR codes, datamatrix, code 39, colde 128, code 25 interleaved 2/5, PostNet
Additional User / Client 5-pack
Kanji 2
  • Normalize and render Kanji fonts at high resolution
  • The license determines the amount of fonts that can be used
  • Required for the Japanese market