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Cetus 2000

Industrial-grade inkjet printers developed for various carton and corrugated display applications.
Cetus 2000

Cetus Series digital inkjet printers adopt industrial-grade piezo grayscale printheads with a high physical resolution of 600 dpi and a maximum printing resolution of 600 × 1200 dpi. Minimum ink droplet is only 5 pl. Super-high jet frequency presents excellent printing efficiency and impressive printing quality.

As an economical and sustainable digital printing solution, Cetus series printers not only provide stable and consistent mid-and low volume printing quality, but also reduce product inventory and cost to boost competitiveness, making it a perfect choice for carton package printing companies.

Key benefits

  • Dual paperboard printing mode supports two paperboards printing at the same time to increase productivity.
  • Equipped with a transport unit comprising of several vacuum belts that effectively absorb paperboards; precision servo control on belt movement.
  • Dual-roller mechanisms ensuring steadiness of paperboards throughout the printing process to complete high-quality printing.
  • Standard configuration is CMYK 4 colors, upgradable to CMYKOG 6 colors by added OG colors to expand the color gamut.
  • Printing resolution up to 600×1200 dpi.
  • Smart negative pressure control system equipped with a digital pressure meter ensures high-quality printing of the industrial-grade piezo greyscale printheads at the maximum ignition efficiency.
  • Effectively prevents the formation of bubbles that impede nozzle performance to secure stable and reliable printing quality.
  • Automated printhead maintenance system, ensuring stable and reliable printing performance.
  • 1. Professional ink droplet volume control technology exhibits smooth transition, vivid image and small-font text with clear and sharp edges.

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