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Cyclops C1

Industrial-grade color UV-LED inkjet printer specifically designed for cylindrical and conical bottles
Cyclops C1

Cyclops C1 applicable for printing such items as vacuum cups, tin cans, round bottles and cups. Adopts environmental-friendly UV-LED curing technology, can direct printing on materials such as plastics, papers, metals and wood.

No platemaking, simple pre-printing preparations, short delivery cycle and customizable printing. Precise color, simple operations and low cost.Work process is simple and easy to operate.


Key benefits

  • Rotational printing pass process aim for inkjet printing on cylinders and cone shape material
  • Special software algorithm is adopted to avoid overlapping or gap being seen on both ends of the printed image.
  • Grippers can be adopted according to the shape, dimensions and structure of the print object.
  • Equipped with an angular adjustment device which shows high-quality color printing effects.
  • Automatic printhead maintenance system and protection system.
  • High-precision position sensor for rapid determination of printing area and height.

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Technical Specs

Technical specifications
Print heads RICOH piezo grayscale print head
Resolution 900×1200 dpi
Ink set C/M/Y/K/W/Varnish
Ink type UV eco-friendly ink
Curing method UV-LED curing system
Control system Smart negative pressure control system with automatic ink refill
Media Types Supports printing on white, black and color cones/cylindrical shaped bottles/cups
Printing speed 60s / pc
Printing height 0-230 mm
Printing system Automatic voltage and temperature control
Equipment dimensions 1700mm×1800mm×600mm
Application software
Intuitive main interface design
Basic operational parameters can be configured in the same interface
ICC color management
Choke & Spread option for White/Vanish ink
Circular print head calibration; horizontal calibration
Z-axis height control
Anti-collision control